this is me

The doomer

Complete silence,
dimly lit by the screen,
scrolling aimlessly through a perfect life,
till the inevitable catches you.
A tick, a tock, a click, a clack,
a constant reminder of one’s mortality,
an echo through the empty space,
swallows up an undeserving soul.
No more pain, only emptiness.
You can’t numb the emptiness.
Stuck in the meaningless cycle,
bound for oblivion.
After all, none of this gonna matter,
just a protein mass alone in a room,
dimly lit by the screen,
scrolling aimlessly through a perfect life
till the inevitable catches it.


Ah yeah, I used to be a doomer having an existential crisis on a daily basis. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m still am or not, but I’m definitely feeling better now. This “poem” came to me when I was remembering the old days. So I wrote it down as a gesture of appreciation for a present from the past. Pun intended

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